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AMADEUS Design s.r.o.
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Graphic designer, painter and 3D graphic artist specializing in visualization

For me, Amadeus is not just a name, a brand or a logo, but above all a value that I try to pass on to my clients with love and care.

It’s been a journey for me for more than 20 years – a never-ending desire for harmony and perfection, a desire to constantly improve and develop, it’s love, joy, passion and fulfillment but also hard work, responsibility and thousands of hours worked.

Story > my journey

Since I was a kid I liked to draw, paint and always glue, assemble, modify and improve something. I was a kind of “Tailor from Ulm”. The desire to create has been with me all my life.

Although my path to graphic design was not a straightforward one, I was drawn in that direction like a magnet.
I read a lot of books about design and later taught graphic design and typography. Through this I discovered my potential and what I wanted to do in life. I discovered that my calling is to work for clients as a professional and independent creator. The personal connection with the client is important to me. My goal is to offer the best service I can.

So when I thought of a name to encompass my services many years ago, I wanted a concise and memorable name that reflected the creative concept of my services. A value that would convey passion, joy, desire, emotion… I didn’t want a superficial name, but a name that would inspire me and that could follow me through my career for many years.

Since I come from a musical family and have always been close to music as well as art, I instinctively reached out to the world of music. The name Amadeus was an obvious choice for me.

I have over 20 years of experience in the industry, responsibility for my work, attention to detail, reliability and plenty of the necessary talent.

I like to move things forward and I like it when they have some development. So after more than 15 years in the graphic design industry, I felt a strong need to move on. That’s when painting came into my life with its unique ability to express my thoughts, emotions and creativity. I found this activity very enriching and discovered a completely unsuspected dimension of my creative self. Now I mainly deal with abstract and structural painting using oil & acrylic on canvas. Through natural evolution and many years of collaboration with several developers, I started to offer 3D architectural visualizations together with architects.

More heads more know

No one can do everything and I am no exception. That’s why I have several professionals who share similar values and have the necessary experience in various fields. Thanks to this, I am able to help you even with more technically demanding jobs (websites, 3D visualization, or programming).

It’s all about people, i.e. capable, creative, reliable and flexible… If you work with someone like that, you’re halfway there!

I offer you the maximum potential in one person and years of experience working for clients on large and small jobs. Fairness and a handshake is as important to me as a signed contract, and client satisfaction is more valuable to me than the money itself…

The bottom line

“I’m still sticking with the graphic design field and expanding it into the creative world of painting and architectural visualizations makes more than sense and gives me more creative freedom.

I continue to work and will continue to work for my clients with care, enthusiasm and joy. You can still count on the quality service you have come to expect. Constantly moving forward is a necessity and should be seen as a challenge and not an obstacle.”

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